Friday, 6 January 2012

LVD? - Little Velvet Dress

Decadence. Isn't there something so decadent and luxurious about velvet? It's effortless fluidity as it hangs with purpose and poise. It's the juxtaposition between its rigid structure and soft drape.

In case you couldn't tell, I've developed a, somewhat, obsession with this material and been after the perfect velvet dress for quite sometime. I wanted something simple and elegant but with the ability to be moulded and transformed at the touch of an accessory. And, despite my epic battle on ebay, where budget was thrown out the window and pure unadulterated desire ransacked my body, I was pipped at the post and lost. Since that moment, the search was on and everything charity shop, every vintage store and every boutique website didn't even sell anything of the sort or it was just quite right.

I was at the moment of giving up and coming to terms with the fact that this was one battle where the fashion gods are victorious, until..

Until a typical voyage around the high street that is Chelmsford and then I saw it. (This may be slighty overdramatic but..)  it was like that moment, when eyes meet, love at first sight kind of stuff...

All I can say is; thank all things fashionology that River Island resurrected Chelsea Girl!

Much love;


  1. You are so right, there is something special with velvet and this dress is amazing. You look awsomr sweetie. Great bloh you have:)
    Hugs from Finland,

  2. hi

    sorry that I speak to them on this page

    may I please ask you a question to the velvet dress would be nice if they disks


  3. Hey

    I pay 200 to 250 €
    For the dress
    please write back