Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Miss Real London

Opening my inbox on Monday I was met with such an array that I felt like a kid in a sweet shop; jumping from picture to picture I was sent into such a frenzy that I even shocked myself (and I know me and it would take a lot to shock me; so that just tells you the magnitude of my excitement!)

Before my eyes was a preview of one of Miss Real London's many capsule collections, about to drop across the world this spring time. I was not satisfied by these 2D images and I had to see them with my own eyes, although; upon reflection, this probably wasn't one of my smartest proclamations. If I behaved the way I did when I saw the pictures, then I can only imagine the looks of utter bewilderment when I can run my hands over the lace and satin and chiffon of this collection.

But, I managed to contain my excitement today when, taking a cheeky day of Sixth Form (to go to a University open day of course, and having a little extra time), I bounced into the stones floored, minimalistic reception and up the infamous winding staircase into the London offices of Miss Real London;

The clothes that are flooding the high street this spring are either an array of subtle girlie tones of the pastel palette or packing a punch with their bright hues and I applaud the creative team of Miss Real London for taking a little risk (and inviting me to their offices of course!)... I love their ode to the 60's trend of last year, but it's their inventiveness and daringness than makes me giddy! Spring's all about rebirth and I think this collection says it all; rebirth of a classic.

Their attention to detail, through the mixture of lace and velvet, gives each garment its handmade touch, making it more than just another garment churned out by the buying departments of every high street store. Each piece is special and I must admit I'm a little impartial to black and white, but I would wear every single piece of this collection and I intend to, don't you worry!
   Much love;

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  1. These dresses are beautiful! So delicate. Loving the blog, now following! x