Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Little Pony;

Pure procrastination takes its form in my activities of today and, despite the good little angel on my shoulder reminding of the looming mock exams I have in a few weeks, the devil inside prevailed. And so, I went on a web-frenzy. Jumping from site to site, I was on the lookout for the next ray of sunshine to brighten my blog. Oh the irony, in that it was, in fact, the ray of sunshine and rainbows that drew my attention to this;
The collection, taking inspiration from the pastel trend that clouded the catwalks this season, is like falling down the wardrobe in the spare oom into a world of child’s delight. 

O’ what a world of sugar and spice and all things nice (pardon the cliché)

But the latest innovations of Wild Fox sparkle with the nostalgia of our childhoods and propel us back into the world of imagination with the likes of My Little Pony and Care Bears being brought to life, right before our eyes.

In case you can’t tell, this collection has really got Fashionologist going just a little crazy. I can guarantee even the most anti-girlie fashionologists out there won’t be able to resist the sweet tooth personification of this collection.

Wild Fox, S/S ‘12

And, despite the palpitations that instantly render me paralyzed upon the memory of my years at Shelly's Ballet School; I want to get my hands on those ballet shoe wedges!

Much love;


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