Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nico NI

I've always understood the power of jewellery or accessorising; its ability to transform an outfit to look completely different the second time round. But, I've never been one for wearing the same outfits twice and thus never really experienced its true power. And so, because of this, I've always begrudged spending that amount of money on jewellery to truly achieve it. I guess this could be the reason fuelling my ignorance, but I don’t really appreciate jewellery and find all the collections of the likes of Topshop or River Island, pretty bland and boring.

That was until I stumbled across this last night, during my typical trawl through the internet in the search for a little inspiration.

Nico NI

Created by the owner, Nicole, each piece encapsulates a different energy – an energy that I (admittedly a jewellery designer novice) have never seen before. The array of chained arm and leg cuffs and the intricate headpieces all exert a sense of empowerment, like the power of a knight’s chainmail.

“Nico NI represents a new generation of individuals... Independent, expressive souls who define themselves through their own interpretation of style and undeniable character.”

 Various Images from all the collections of Nico NI

All of that and the collection is barely a year old?!

And, a few moment following this discovery, I also discovered that I'm not the only one inspired by the rebellion of jewellery's typical constraints. With the likes of Topshop and MissSelfiridge incorpating chained arm cuffs, beaded neck chockers and wrist rings into their latest jewellery collections.

If you can't resist this Nappy Black Arm Chain;

 as much as me, then you can purchase the full collection as stockists; TheIdStore and FashionPony

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