Sunday, 1 January 2012

Purrfect Way To Start The Year.

It's that time of the year again, where everyone across the world will be awakening to the thumping and pounding of last night's alcohol inoxication. A sign of a night well spent. Unless you are one of the unfortunate ones working in retail, was pipped to the post in booking today off and are reluctantly preparing for the hangover induced day of work ahead, then you're preparing to spend the day in comfort. Ugg boots; jumpers; - or the hibernation cocoon of your dressing gown, sound familliar? 

Despite my own body crying for the comfort of my bed for the entire day, Fashionologist was up and about, doing what Fashionologist does, but I still couldnt resist the sanctum of a cosy jumper;


 So, braving a 'little' headache and armed with my purrfect cosy jumper from Asos, highwaisted knee-length polka skirt  from River Island and the heels that instantly transform my mood; I hit the streets on a mission for Mother Franko - aren't I such a good daughter!

But between you and me, this outfit was short lived as the millisecond I returned home, I was an abundance of fluffy socks, cosy dressing gown and my christmas Elmo pyjamas (still holding on to the spirit of Christmas for just that little bit longer!)

This is the first day of 2012 and Fashionologist is kicking off with a bang..  and I look forward to sharing my fashion explosion of '12 with you all...

Much love;

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