Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ring In The New Year, with a Little Sparkle..

It's midnight.
The bells are ringing, the drinking are flowing and the new year hugs and kisses are all around...

New Years is the one night a year that the whole world comes together, each with the same hopes and dreams and resolutions in their heart; that the following year will be bigger and better than the last. And with the damaging effect that 2011 has had on many families, business, lives; I think the hope for 2012 is far greater than it has been in the many years before.

It's times like this; when change is on the horizon, when the chance to change, to grow, to become the people we want to be is upon us, that forces people to really think. Think about what's important. Family? Love? Money?

Money? Money is the backbone to everything, to life, and with increasing destructive effect of the economic crisis on many businesses this year, money is at the forefront of the Uk's mind. Being a typical Aquarian, I'm a little hippie at heart. I understand the necessity of money, for basic survival but with this year especially, I have really been awoken to the detrimental effect money has on people lives. Plaguing every thought.. And I don't think thats anyway to live. I know it's a little cliche, but money can't buy you happiness, its the love and support and community of people that is the foundations of an enriched life.

That's one thing that I cannot comprehend.. Working for something you don't believe in, or something you don't enjoy for the luxury of a little more money? You get one shot, one chance round and why would you want to spend that one, brief light of the candle in a life that doesn't make you happy?

Ironic? because I willingly spend my own time consumed in the world that is perceived to fueled by money, but what people tend to miss with the fashion industry is that it would be nothing without pure, uncontaminated creativity and passion. Its this passion that inspires me; the courage to follow their talent into something that makes them happy, for love nor money, and this brings me to the point of my extremely philosophical (sorry!) post upon this hour..

2012, as I'm sure you've all told yourself, is a new year and (although I do say, why wait to change tomorrow what you can change today) it's the perfect opportunity to become the person you want to be, the person you know deep down you are; enjoy and make the most of the time you have.
'His time, what a bankrupt idea, as if he's been given a box of time belonging to him alone, stuffed to the brim with hours and minutes that he can spend like money. Trouble is, the box has holes in it and the time is running out, no matter what he does.'   - Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake

Don't let 2012 pour through your finger, hold on to each minute and do it in style!

Much love; (for the last time of 2011)

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  1. Wow, a little philosophical than your typical posts but that has really made me think! I love your blog btw and you've got something different to the millions of fashion blogs out there... You've actually go something to say worth saying! Keep it up :)