Monday, 27 February 2012

Blanche in the Brambles;

Its been two weeks since I wandered the pink floor of the Pure Show London and it has taken me until now to finally sit down and collect all the pictures, all the cards and all the press emails and begin sharing them with you. I know it's terrible; where are my priorities these days?! And, I just noticed that I haven’t posted since last weekend. This post in certainly overdue.

Wading through the many pictures I took during my two days at the show, I found a few very interesting and innovative designers/brands and, with a little refresh of my memory, I feel the same excitement to share them with you as I got at the time.

So; I shall begin show and tell time with one of the most unique (and my personal favourite, inspired by my innate obsession with anything fur – Faux ring a bell?) collections I found on the accessory floor;
                        -and on a side note; the shoes and accessory floor was what I imagine walking into heaven will be like

Blanche in the Brambles

 I find there is always a little magic behind the specialist collections, within the industry. They have their own handwriting and, although they develop and mould as they grow, they have the luxury of focusing on and perfecting their initial concept, instead trying to everything - and half-heartedly at that! That's exactly what Blanche in the Brambles have; luxury. Inspired by the same ethos as Faux, all Brambles products are designed and manufactured in the UK and therefore remain a true representation of one aspect of the multifaceted British style.

With such a strong collection of simple shapes in beautifully coloured, high quality furs, Blanche in the Brambles is the type of label that is beginning to mop the floor with the high street. In this economic climate, people aren't interested in the 'throw-away' fashion of the high street and more tempted by the quality and orginality of the high end, investment labels.

If you are one of those very clever people, then be prepared for the ever-changing spontaneity of the English weather and invest in Blanche in the Brambles for the warm and cosy way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your transitional wardrobe right now. And, I don't know about you but I'm certainly tempted by the grey/taupe fur hat with the pink bows! - So much so that I'm actually longing for the return of the icy breath of winter; and summer hasn't even started yet!

Much love;
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Behind The Scenes at RuffleRuffle for Asos Marketplace

Today was the perfect end to one of the most hectic weeks to date!

Monday and Tuesday saw me hoppin from train to train as I danced around London between castings and the Pure Show London; in my beautifull RuffleRuffle ensembles. On Wednesday I was forced to look to my future (something that scares the begeebes out of me) as I had my first tour around the amazing Kings College London, which has only made the desicion, of which University to go to, even harder. Thursday was a blur of textbooks, revision cards and highlights as I frantically tried to catch up on the revision time I'd lost the past three days. And, today was spent back in my comfort zone, in front of the camera, as myself, Hollie Carlin Photography and RuffleRuffle braved the cold condition and threat of rain to photograph the latest collection to hit Asos Marketplace next week.

Looking at the tiny paragraph above, I'm feeling that my highlights are really doing myself justice and will only make myself sound like a whimp with my next sentence. Nevertheless, I shall proceed...

Because of the utter tiredness that is englufing my mind at this point, today blog post will end here with a few behind the scenes images and sneak previews of the shoot. Enjoy.

And, in the spirit of teasing, heres a sneak preview of the final editioral images;
 Only a few; don't want to give the game away!

Like I said, it was the perfect end to the busy, yet promising, week of 2012. The team were back together and we definitley took that location by storm, we even had an audience! (To that man whose phone call lasted well over 3 hours; I hope you went over your phone bill!)

Much love;

Photographer: Hollie Carlin
Designer: Jodie Ruffle for RuffleRuffle
Makeup and Hair: Hyekun Lily Park
Model: Lauren Franklin (Zone-Models)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

'Pure' and Unadulterated Fashion; Day 2

Today was rather more eventful than the previous and, I must admit, it is rather a nice feeling to be sat at home right now, in my pyjamas, relaxing. Amoung spending the majority of the day networking with the multitude of buyers swarming the Miss Real London stand, I also had to dance around London, navigating the tube, for a series of castings. Talk about hectic?!

Therefore, my day began with the first of the castings around Oxford Circus, which I can't say I mind because it gave me the opportunity to see the high street market at its best. Or so I thought. Apart from the odd little peplum blouse of H&M and a few beautiful pairs of heels in Topshop; I found nothing to tickle my fashion senses! Boring certainly does spring to mind at this point.

A quick change, in the toilet cubical of the Pure Show London, from my 'simple casting atire', later, and I was back in my element. Wearing another beautiful piece from the talent that is RuffleRuffle, I become part of the blur of colour brightening the stark white of the Olympia Stadium. The asymmetric teal blouse from the last spring collection added a flash of colour to my black-jean-white-blouse ensemble; and what is a FaceFashionologist outfit without my soon to be ( ;) ) infamous bowtie!

Oh RuffleRuffle, how I love thee! Oh wait, what is this;

New Collection?
ASOS Marketplace?
Coming soon?

Yes! I shall keep you posted, readers, on the drop of RuffleRuffle's new hybrid collection, with pictures of course! Until then...

Much love;

P.s... I can't wait to show you all the amazing labels/brands that I've met over the past two days! Just need to find the time to sit down and write them all!

Monday, 13 February 2012

'Pure' and Unadulterated Fashion; Day 1

For any of you who follow my Twitter feed, and now gain a live update of the life of Fashionologist, you may know about my collaboration with Miss Real London for the Pure Show London this weekend. Today was my first of the two days spent on the Miss Real stand (D16, for any of you who may be there tomorrow and fancy having a chat!).

Although the rain clocked the olympia stadium, the weather didn't put dampener on the days events; buyers from across the coutry were out in force, scouring the big brands and unique labels alike! I got the pleasure to meet and greet each and everyone alike... From speaking to the buyers that came on the Miss Real stand to meeting some amazing and talented designers, today I was in my element. I mean,  whats not to love about passing the day amidst the bubble of the fashion world, talking about the common thread, tying us all together!

And, whats a day of pure and unadolterated fashion, without a little RuffleRuffle;

A sneak peak from the latest collection of RuffleRuffle; about to drop on Asos Marketplace soon!
This patchworked tonal navy cocoon dress fits so beautifully and feels so delicate on my skin that I almost cried when I pulled back the tissue paper of my little package! I felt that it was so elegant that it doesn't need the magnitude of accessories to make the outfit; just simply a Juicy Couture necklace (I stole from my mum) and the River Island black and white clutch (a birthday present from my boyfriend's mum!) I got so many compliments on this dress from all exhibitors and vistors; so much so that I had my picture taken by a fellow blogger!

I've met some really interesting people and learned of some fantastic up-and-coming designers/collection; which I feel in the perfect antidote to inject a little originality and life back into the industry. I will keep you posted!

Until tomorrow...

Much love;

Sunday, 12 February 2012

'Happy Birthday' in a Glittered Microphone...

Happy Birthday to me;
Happy Birthday to me;
Happy Birthday Fashionologist;
Happy Birthday to me!

Just in case you haven't guessed; it's my birthday today!

18 at last! - and I'm sure you understand the utter jubliations when 'at last' becomes right now...

What an amazing weekend it has been! And, before you think I'm a complete loser for spending my birthday blogging, instead of enjoying my legality, I would like to inform you of my current state; I am currently snuggled in bed, hugging my laptop, whilst simultaneously watching Friends with Benefits and looking at the photographic evidence of last nights antics.

'What the hell happened last night?' does seem to ring a bell at this point...

Saturday saw me ring in the bells, so to speak, of my 18th Birthday with my closest friends and family as the evening very quickly evolved from the elegance of gift giving to the blur of coloured wigs engulfing the heads of all my guests! I find rather amazing, upon reflection, that I struggled for the past few weeks to find the perfect 18th Birthday dress, when; within moments of the first drinks disolving in our bloodstream, all inhibitions were absorbed! No longer was I concerned if my hair was big enough, if my makeup looked elegant or if my dress matched my shoes. Before my eyes was a kalediscope of coloured locks and 1950's oversized glasses as everyone sang at the top of their lungs (some into glitter microphones) the best version of the 'Happy Birthday' song I had ever heard!

And so, I sit here; many hours, many drinks and many wigs later, passing the remnants of the most fantastic birthday with my mum and sister, simply thinking; 'How am I ever going to top that!'

Thank you for all my kind birthday wishes and presents and I cannot wait to share them all with you through later blogposts; especially you Jeffery Campbell Spike Lita's! ("Walking all the way from Portland", as my card said)

Much love;

Monday, 6 February 2012

There's Nothing 'Faux' About This Snow!

Whether you rejoiced, as your inner child began beating its way out, or your only thought was 'how am I going to get anywhere tomorrow?!’; the majority of the UK woke yesterday morning under a frosted cloak. It was literally like walking through a winter wonderland when I decided to brave those arctic conditions, to take full advantage of Nature’s greatest backdrop. And, I didn’t venture out unprepared;

 Wearing the most beautiful Monterosa Faux Fur hooded coat, by web sensation, I didn't even feel the subzero temperature engulfing my body as my photographer took perfectionism to a whole new level. No, in all honesty, he could run rings around perfectionism and this is why I only got my hands on these photographs now; a whole 30 hours later, when all I asked for a few good images. I got 505!

Anyways, thanks to my photographer; who wishes to remain anon (how intriguing!) and moving on from my little rant. I want to introduce you to my new best friends...

Whilst on my most recent London excursion, I had the pleasure to meet the husband-and-wife duo, the brains, behind the new face of the family run business, Faux, originally formed in London in 1919. What I love about the family orientated ethos of this company is that all Faux designs are conceived, designed and produced in England. That is certainly something you don't hear every day, with the rise of China. Faux embraces the true inspiration of London's style and is the definition of such as they remain true to their roots.

With a rather high, yet completely reasonable (that's what sucks the most about it!), price tag; 'we invest our time and attention in creating quality products at outstanding value Stylish and timeless, every item is expertly designed in the UK with our customer in mind, rather than throwaway, disposable fashions.'

And so, I was very excited to receive this magnificent piece, of exquisite craftsmanship and quality; a quality so impeccable that you could actually attract the picketing of animal-rights activists as you take on London! (Do not take this as a gospel; just being a little witty!) However, until the freeze of yesterday I hadn't had the opportunity to show the world!

So, although the snow had prevented me from getting to Sixth Form today, it wasn't my inner child breaking it's way out. It was my passion for beauty and style that made me run out the front door at the first sight of sunlight yesterday!

Much love;