Friday, 17 February 2012

Behind The Scenes at RuffleRuffle for Asos Marketplace

Today was the perfect end to one of the most hectic weeks to date!

Monday and Tuesday saw me hoppin from train to train as I danced around London between castings and the Pure Show London; in my beautifull RuffleRuffle ensembles. On Wednesday I was forced to look to my future (something that scares the begeebes out of me) as I had my first tour around the amazing Kings College London, which has only made the desicion, of which University to go to, even harder. Thursday was a blur of textbooks, revision cards and highlights as I frantically tried to catch up on the revision time I'd lost the past three days. And, today was spent back in my comfort zone, in front of the camera, as myself, Hollie Carlin Photography and RuffleRuffle braved the cold condition and threat of rain to photograph the latest collection to hit Asos Marketplace next week.

Looking at the tiny paragraph above, I'm feeling that my highlights are really doing myself justice and will only make myself sound like a whimp with my next sentence. Nevertheless, I shall proceed...

Because of the utter tiredness that is englufing my mind at this point, today blog post will end here with a few behind the scenes images and sneak previews of the shoot. Enjoy.

And, in the spirit of teasing, heres a sneak preview of the final editioral images;
 Only a few; don't want to give the game away!

Like I said, it was the perfect end to the busy, yet promising, week of 2012. The team were back together and we definitley took that location by storm, we even had an audience! (To that man whose phone call lasted well over 3 hours; I hope you went over your phone bill!)

Much love;

Photographer: Hollie Carlin
Designer: Jodie Ruffle for RuffleRuffle
Makeup and Hair: Hyekun Lily Park
Model: Lauren Franklin (Zone-Models)

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