Monday, 27 February 2012

Blanche in the Brambles;

Its been two weeks since I wandered the pink floor of the Pure Show London and it has taken me until now to finally sit down and collect all the pictures, all the cards and all the press emails and begin sharing them with you. I know it's terrible; where are my priorities these days?! And, I just noticed that I haven’t posted since last weekend. This post in certainly overdue.

Wading through the many pictures I took during my two days at the show, I found a few very interesting and innovative designers/brands and, with a little refresh of my memory, I feel the same excitement to share them with you as I got at the time.

So; I shall begin show and tell time with one of the most unique (and my personal favourite, inspired by my innate obsession with anything fur – Faux ring a bell?) collections I found on the accessory floor;
                        -and on a side note; the shoes and accessory floor was what I imagine walking into heaven will be like

Blanche in the Brambles

 I find there is always a little magic behind the specialist collections, within the industry. They have their own handwriting and, although they develop and mould as they grow, they have the luxury of focusing on and perfecting their initial concept, instead trying to everything - and half-heartedly at that! That's exactly what Blanche in the Brambles have; luxury. Inspired by the same ethos as Faux, all Brambles products are designed and manufactured in the UK and therefore remain a true representation of one aspect of the multifaceted British style.

With such a strong collection of simple shapes in beautifully coloured, high quality furs, Blanche in the Brambles is the type of label that is beginning to mop the floor with the high street. In this economic climate, people aren't interested in the 'throw-away' fashion of the high street and more tempted by the quality and orginality of the high end, investment labels.

If you are one of those very clever people, then be prepared for the ever-changing spontaneity of the English weather and invest in Blanche in the Brambles for the warm and cosy way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your transitional wardrobe right now. And, I don't know about you but I'm certainly tempted by the grey/taupe fur hat with the pink bows! - So much so that I'm actually longing for the return of the icy breath of winter; and summer hasn't even started yet!

Much love;
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