Tuesday, 14 February 2012

'Pure' and Unadulterated Fashion; Day 2

Today was rather more eventful than the previous and, I must admit, it is rather a nice feeling to be sat at home right now, in my pyjamas, relaxing. Amoung spending the majority of the day networking with the multitude of buyers swarming the Miss Real London stand, I also had to dance around London, navigating the tube, for a series of castings. Talk about hectic?!

Therefore, my day began with the first of the castings around Oxford Circus, which I can't say I mind because it gave me the opportunity to see the high street market at its best. Or so I thought. Apart from the odd little peplum blouse of H&M and a few beautiful pairs of heels in Topshop; I found nothing to tickle my fashion senses! Boring certainly does spring to mind at this point.

A quick change, in the toilet cubical of the Pure Show London, from my 'simple casting atire', later, and I was back in my element. Wearing another beautiful piece from the talent that is RuffleRuffle, I become part of the blur of colour brightening the stark white of the Olympia Stadium. The asymmetric teal blouse from the last spring collection added a flash of colour to my black-jean-white-blouse ensemble; and what is a FaceFashionologist outfit without my soon to be ( ;) ) infamous bowtie!

Oh RuffleRuffle, how I love thee! Oh wait, what is this;

New Collection?
ASOS Marketplace?
Coming soon?

Yes! I shall keep you posted, readers, on the drop of RuffleRuffle's new hybrid collection, with pictures of course! Until then...

Much love;

P.s... I can't wait to show you all the amazing labels/brands that I've met over the past two days! Just need to find the time to sit down and write them all!

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  1. your blog seems really exiting and insperational, i only began my blog today but i have been thinking about it for a long time, your blog is helping me to improve my own. Althogh i wish i could have the same opertunates as you