Monday, 6 February 2012

There's Nothing 'Faux' About This Snow!

Whether you rejoiced, as your inner child began beating its way out, or your only thought was 'how am I going to get anywhere tomorrow?!’; the majority of the UK woke yesterday morning under a frosted cloak. It was literally like walking through a winter wonderland when I decided to brave those arctic conditions, to take full advantage of Nature’s greatest backdrop. And, I didn’t venture out unprepared;

 Wearing the most beautiful Monterosa Faux Fur hooded coat, by web sensation, I didn't even feel the subzero temperature engulfing my body as my photographer took perfectionism to a whole new level. No, in all honesty, he could run rings around perfectionism and this is why I only got my hands on these photographs now; a whole 30 hours later, when all I asked for a few good images. I got 505!

Anyways, thanks to my photographer; who wishes to remain anon (how intriguing!) and moving on from my little rant. I want to introduce you to my new best friends...

Whilst on my most recent London excursion, I had the pleasure to meet the husband-and-wife duo, the brains, behind the new face of the family run business, Faux, originally formed in London in 1919. What I love about the family orientated ethos of this company is that all Faux designs are conceived, designed and produced in England. That is certainly something you don't hear every day, with the rise of China. Faux embraces the true inspiration of London's style and is the definition of such as they remain true to their roots.

With a rather high, yet completely reasonable (that's what sucks the most about it!), price tag; 'we invest our time and attention in creating quality products at outstanding value Stylish and timeless, every item is expertly designed in the UK with our customer in mind, rather than throwaway, disposable fashions.'

And so, I was very excited to receive this magnificent piece, of exquisite craftsmanship and quality; a quality so impeccable that you could actually attract the picketing of animal-rights activists as you take on London! (Do not take this as a gospel; just being a little witty!) However, until the freeze of yesterday I hadn't had the opportunity to show the world!

So, although the snow had prevented me from getting to Sixth Form today, it wasn't my inner child breaking it's way out. It was my passion for beauty and style that made me run out the front door at the first sight of sunlight yesterday!

Much love;


  1. You write some fantastic posts and this is definitely one of them, that coat if you ever don't want it or run out of room in your fabulous wardrobe, I bagsy it, everyone that mind so hands off;) again a fantastic post<3

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your animation at the end. and the pictures were gorgeous. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ooh I love the coat! Have seen some things by Faux, and this looks lovely on! Love the bow tie too! x

  4. That animation is really cool. It adds something a little different to you blog, you should do more of these xxxxxx

  5. Your fur is absolutely gorgeous <3

  6. I love your fur !
    And you are so pretty !

  7. Really fun coat!

  8. Your blog is really incredible, and very inspiring. Not to mention your a stunning.

    Love your fur coat, while I'm at it!



  9. Thank you for your comment :)

    You look so so great that I'm following you ;) Follow me back if you want!