Saturday, 15 September 2012


It's is officially 15th September and the day that I move into University - scary stuff, I know! All that anticipation over the last month or so, the preparation and endless shopping trips for Mum to ensure I've got everything I will ever need, ever, has led me to here - wide awake at 1am, with no hope in hell of shutting my brain up!

I guess that's why I'm back here again, after nearly 3 months of being AWOL. The last time I was here I was about to embark on the monumental task that was my IB exams and, due to the life consuming magnitude of said task, I was forced to strip any activity that didn't revolve around revision from my life. 

Three months down the line and my exams have been taken (and passed!), my university place received, and all the bits in between, I've finally found my inspiration to write again. To be truthful, I started to feel that my blog began to get engulfed by the cliche of the 'fashion blog' and it wasn't what I originally intended when I started FaceFashionology. All summer, whilst I've been working and modelling (with Elite London, may I say!) I've wanted to start blogging again and I even considered starting fresh, with a new blog and my original idea, and now would be the perfect time as I embark on this new life. But starting University isn't beginning a new life, it's just a little revamp of your exiting one, a new direction...

So that is what I am doing now. Not a fresh start, but a revamp. A few months wiser and with a different perspective I about to take on one of the biggest challenges in all my 18 years - University. And so, FaceFashionology will guide you through the mishaps and successes of the London Uni girl a she tries to balance her English degree, her modelling adventure and her love for the Fashion industry whilst trying, desperately, to not let London swallow up this Essex girl and spit her out!

Here goes nothing...

Much Love;
Face Fashionologist (oh, how I've missed writing that!)

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  1. Good luck in university!
    Which uni did you get into?

    I will be keeping up with your adventures as I will embark on a similar quest in the following year ;)

    You are a very talented writer, photographer, model and fashion stylist. I wish you all the best in your deemed very successful future :)

    Love Betul xx