Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Age of Innocence - Masha Mel

During the last 6 months since I've last posted I've been swooped up into a bit of a whirl wind of excitement, what with my exams and working/modelling over my summer before starting University, not to mention actually moving into my University halls yesterday. Rather a lot has happened and in between nursing my Fresher's  week hangover and taking over London, I'm going to blog about my adventures of Summer 2012!

One of the most exciting things to happen to me this summer is being signed by ELITE LONDON. (!!!!) My story of this occurrence is a little cliched, but hey, its what happened to Gisele Bundchen and look what her life has become. The story begins with a last minute shopping trip to Lakeside, in a desperate bid to find a dress for my Sixth Form Leaver's Ball. I was about to venture into Topshop when Michelangelo (the OWNER!!) and Martina came up to me and asked me if I was interested in entering the Elite Model Look 2012 competition. However, as I was older than they original thought, that being 14 years old, they were interested in signing me straight away, instead of being put through the competition. Two days later I sat in their offices as, one by one, the bookers came in for a chat, and one day later I signed my 3 years contract.

Since then it's been a flurry of test shoots, castings and jobs (EEKKK!) One of my favourite tests was with Masha Mel, Moscow born and London based fashion photographer, as myself, Jodie Tucker @ Bookings and Margarita @IMG, tried to recreate 'The Age of Innocence' portrayed in Sophie Coppola's take of the film 'The Virgin Suicides'. The shoot took place in a beautifully and childishly decorated bedroom and styled with clothes gifted by Jaclyn Bethany and her shop Audrey Grace Boutique. The melancholic atmosphere of her films was effortlessly portrayed in Masha Mel's photographs because she opted to capture us three models on film, something I found refreshing, seeing a photographer shoot in film in the digital fortress of this century.


'The Age of Innocence'
Photographer - Masha Mel
Make up artist - Pace Chen
Set design- Olya Avstreyh
Models:  Lauren @ Ellite, Margarita @ IMG & Jodie @ Bookings

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